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CVO De Verdieping is a dynamic centre for adult education that aims at people looking for a professionally organized course. Every person can feel at home in the stimulating learning environment at CVO De Verdieping. The focus lies on acquiring new competences to increase career opportunities, personal development, understanding social evolutions or to broaden skill sets. CVO De Verdieping is a municipal organisation with a regional action radius. The centre stimulates a contemporary and innovative course package in cooperation with a number of external partners.


CVO De Verdieping wants to clarify its vision on future ambitions to students, staff, external partners and the wider region.

This vision is supported by 3 key values:

Innovation - Well-being - Diversity

These values prescribe didactics, course package, attention for target groups, partnerships, internal organisation and perception of the centre.


CVO De Verdieping answers new trends and integrates them in its operation if they support the centre’s mission. The innovative courses on offer are a continuous response to the target audience’s needs, emerging from developments in the job market, technological evolutions and social trends.

Technology and social expectations have had a strong impact on educational views. For that reason CVO De Verdieping will further develop competence oriented education. Each course will focus on acquiring the right skills and attitudes.

Education demands a flexible deployment of time, space and rhythm. Modern technology can support this process. Effective learning results are stimulated by a pleasant and safe infrastructure. The centre has been operating since 2015 in an ultramodern passive house building. Each classroom is fitted with modern didactic equipment. The school is committed to keeping up investments in appropriate infrastructure and qualified staff.

CVO De Verdieping builds partnerships with organisations whose key compentences are compatible with its own expertise, aiming at realising unique added values in the educational field.


Satisfaction of students, staff and external partners guarantees positive learning outcomes, as talents are applied passionately in an atmosphere of general well-being. The school culture is accessible and open, a place where everybody can feel safe and at home while they work towards a positive learning outcome.

CVO De Verdieping wants to ensure this well-being by:

  • allowing students and staff to participate fully both at class and centre level
  • encouraging positive and accessible contacts between students, members of staff and management
  • aiming for tailor-made learning processes
  • offering a pleasant environment and safe infrastructure to work and learn in
  • promoting and enhancing environmental awareness
  • coaching staff intensely throughout their career at the centre
  • offering staff opportunities for further professionalization



CVO De Verdieping’s core values include recognising diversity positively and encountering different social belief systems in an unbiased manner. The centre is open to all, regardless of philosophical or ideological beliefs, social or ethnic background, sex or nationality

  • The wide variety of courses tries to cater for as many learning needs as possible.
  • The centre pays particular attention to the organisation of employment-oriented training.
  • The modular education system allows for a wide variety of learning trajectories.
  • The centre intends to focus more on learning advice and orientation in the coming years.
  • The Dutch courses for non-Dutch speakers aim to make an important contribution to help this target group integrate smoothly and fully into society.
  • Diploma-oriented courses aim to offer fresh opportunities for underprivileged students by trying to level their unequal social position
  • A wide variety of partners at communal, regional and European level helps the centre to realise its mission.